Water Damage

Contents Cleaning involves the restoration of property damaged by Fire (Smoke & Soot), Water Damage, Mold Remediation and includes general Disaster Recovery. Morantz manufactures Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems designed specifically to restore property damaged under these conditions. See our Ultrasonic Cleaning and Line Cleaning products by clicking through these links or by going to our Products tab above. If you have any questions about what the right machine is for you, submit the form at the right or call us at 215.969.0266. We look forward to hearing from you.

Products for Water Damage

Z-97 Super System

The Z-97 Super System offers a full line cleaning system at an economical price. Designed around Morantz’s famous Brother machine, the line utilizes 3 stations: Pre-Wash (Z-97-PW) Ultrasonic Wash (Z-97) Rinse (Z-97-RS) The Z-97 Super System is ideal for cleaning

SM-200 Super System

The Morantz SM-200 Super System is the industry’s premium contents cleaning and parts washing in-line system. Includes the following 3 stations: Super Mighty One Pre-Wash Station (SM-200-PW) The Super Mighty One (SM-200) Super Mighty One Rinse Station (SM-200-RS) These specially

M-115 Super System

The M-115 Super System is Morantz’s most popular contents and parts cleaning model. It includes 3 stations: Mighty One Pre-Wash (M-115-PW) Mighty One Ultrasonic Wash (M-115) Mighty One Rinse (M-115-RS) Each station is designed to process 8 content baskets at

SM-200 Super Mighty One Ultrasonic Wash Machine

SM-200 Super Mighty One Ultrasonic Wash System
The centerpiece of the SM-200 Super System, this all-in-one unit is an extremely powerful and versatile Ultrasonic cleaning solution. Designed for Contents Restoration and Large Parts Cleaning, the Super Mighty One features an electric lift and dual work shelves that make it easier

M-115 Mighty One Ultrasonic Wash Machine

Designed for Contents Cleaning and Parts Cleaning, this powerful Ultrasonic machine is the Standard for heavy lifting jobs of all kinds. Featuring an electric lift, the Mighty One will help your team clean large, bulky items (such as machine parts

Z-97 Brother Ultrasonic Wash Machine

Powerful, portable and economical, the Z-97 Brother was built to accommodate larger, bulkier items or baskets full of smaller parts.  This machine can handle four baskets of items at once, making it ideal for cleaning smoke damaged contents, musical instruments,

Z-56 The Bubba

This portable ultrasonic system is the perfect solution for on-site fire and water damage restoration, mold remediation, musical instrument cleaning, and parts cleaning. Also great for cleaning smaller electronics and electrical appliances, dishes, silverware, knick-knacks, toys, antiques, golf clubs and

SM-200-XL Super Mighty One XL

This all-in-one unit is the largest, most powerful Ultrasonic cleaning machine in the Morantz Ultrasonic family. Its vast size and electric lift make this machine a truly diverse system for all types of cleaning including Parts Cleaning, Fire Restoration, Water

M-115 Pre-Wash Station

The Morantz Pre-Wash is ideal for applications which require removing a top layer of dirt (or other surface contamination) prior to deep cleaning. Commonly used for Contents and Fire Restoration, Electronics and Parts Cleaning, the M-115-PW uses the same tank and electric lift technology of our standard

M-115 Rinse Station

Ideal for rinsing items after Ultrasonic cleaning, the Morantz Rinse Station is perfect to finish off all sorts of cleaning jobs. Utilizing the same electric lift technology of our standard M-115 (Mighty One), the lift makes it safe and easy for the

Drye-Rite Drying Cabinet

The Drye-Rite Convection Air Drying Cabinet is a powerful and fast convection air dryer.  It’s the fastest dryer on the market for contents, and holds the the largest capacity.  This means you can dry 12 baskets of contents within minutes, or

Drye-Rite-XL Drying Room

The Drye-Rite-XL is a wonder of engineering; a portable Convection Air Drying and Ozone Room! Equipped with panels that can be adjusted to the size you need, the Drye-Rite-XL can be transported to and setup on-site for large loss/volume drying. For smaller drying jobs, the panels
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