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One Size Does Not Always Fit All.

At Morantz, we make a variety of standard model Ultrasonic Cleaning machines. While we can usually recommend one of these models to most of our customers, sometimes customers come to us with something “out of the ordinary.” In these instances, our customers have specific requirements based on the size of the items to be cleaned, the material the items are made out of and/or the type of dirt or soiling involved. In these instances, we make custom machines to suit their needs.

We love these kind of opportunities. It gives us the chance to make something new, and of course, to help our customers.

Custom Z-97 Exterior with Golf Club Insert 400x300

Custom Z-97 “Brother” with Insert for Golf Club Cleaning.

Sometimes our task is as simple as re-working one of our existing models. For example, a restoration company that ordered a Z-97 “Brother” (as shown above) wanted to use their machine for promotional purposes. Specifically, their intention was to clean multiple sets of golf clubs for tournaments. The answer; a stainless steel dividing wall insert and custom bottom. This not only allowed our customer to use their machine for tournaments, they cold remove the insert and use their machine for standard cleaning.

Custom Z-97 INT with Insert-400x300

Custom Z-97 Interior with Insert for Golf Club Cleaning.

Another customer loved the size and power of the Morantz SM-200, but also wanted the capability and features to clean window blinds and curtains. No problem! We added an inspection rack and front flip-out work table to accommodate these needs.

Custom SM-200 with Add-Ons-400x267

Custom SM-200 with Window Blind Inspection Rack and Flip-Out Work Table for Curtain Cleaning.

But sometimes, custom work means starting from scratch and designing an entirely new model. One example of this is a customer that came to us with a need to clean extra long, extra heavy parts. They also required that multiple parts be cleaned in each cycle. Could we build a machine to suit their needs?

Yes we can!

Custom 195 Long-400x267

Custom 195″ Long Tank.


One of Two Huge, Custom Made Lifts.

In order to simplify operations, we also created a Touch Screen PLC controller to run all of the machine’s functions. Now, all of the machine’s functions and settings can be managed with the tap of a button.

Touch Screen Controller-400x267

Custom Touch Screen PLC Control.

Whatever your cleaning needs, Morantz can work with you to build a solution. Don’t hesitate to call us at 215.969.0266 to discuss your options when one size doesn’t fit all!

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