Air Compressor (with Adapters)

Air bubbles aid in the cleaning process by helping to dislodge large pieces of dirt and debris. Our air compressors provide constant pressure to allow you to continue cleaning with our Bubbler System.  

Blind Cleaners Upgrade Kit

Morantz Blind Cleaning Upgrade Kit

When cleaning blinds, it helps to have the right tools for the job. This Blind Cleaners Upgrade Kit has everything you need, not only to get the most out of your Morantz Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Machine, but to get the

Blow Dry Gun and Stand

Heated Blow Dry Gun

The Blow Dry Gun utilizes high speed, heated and compressed air to dry items safely, quickly and effectively. This 4 horsepower industrial dryer can work all day long to dislodge water, even when “hidden” within small and difficult to reach places. A must-have

Deionization System

The Morantz Deionization System turns your standard tap water* into deionized (demineralized) water. A deionized rinse is a must-have for Electronics Cleaning as it does not conduct electricity. For everything else, deionized water is always preferable as it eliminates spotting

Easy-Step On/Off Foot Pedal

Cleaning with Ultrasonics is easy, but it’s helpful to keep your hands free to speed your work. All it takes is a quick tap from your foot to turn your machine on or off, leaving your hands free to manage the

Firesonics Upgrade Kit

Morantz Firesonics Upgrade Kit

Fire Restoration is tough work, so anything that can help process a Fire Restoration job is welcome news. With the Morantz Firesonics Upgrade Kit, you’ll have all the tools you need to get through that job as fast as possible (for

Immersible Wrench

If you find yourself in need to attach, tighten or remove your immersibles, heater or other components, then you need our Immersible Wrench. Made of high-quality steel, our Immersible Wrench will allow you to quickly remove and install your immersible packs

Inspection Rack

For Window Blind Cleaning (shown with The Baby Ultrasonic Machine). Use the Inspection Rack to prepare your blinds for cleaning and drying. Hang the blind from the top of the rack, open the blind to inspect for dirt and damage.

Parts Cleaning Upgrade Kit

Morantz Parts Cleaning Upgrade Kit

Cleaning industrial, automotive and other parts can be a challenge. Get those parts clean with less hassle with the Morantz Parts Cleaning Upgrade Kit.  

Super System Upgrade Kit

Morantz Super System Upgrade Kit

In order to get your job done properly, your contents processing system will require several accessories. The Morantz Super System Upgrade Kit will give you all of the tools you need for fast and effective cleaning.  

Tip and Measure Containers

While your Morantz Ultrasonics Cleaning Systems don’t use a lot of chemicals, it’s good to know you can measure a precise amount every time you need it.  

Ultrasonic Cleaner’s Upgrade Kit

Morantz Ultrasonic Cleaners Upgrade Kit

Get the most out of your Morantz Ultrasonic Cleaning System with this Ultrasonic Cleaners Upgrade Kit. This kit includes everything you need to make cleaning with your Morantz Ultrasonic Cleaning System as fast and as effective as possible (recommended for