What Tools Do You Need to Clean with Ultrasonics

In order to clean with sound, you need three items:

A Morantz Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank

Our cleaning tanks are made from extremely durable, heavy-duty, non-magnetic stainless steel.  This stainless steel construction assists in the cleaning process by reflecting sound waves back into the tank and onto the items being cleaned. As a result, the sound waves approach the items from every direction and ensures that the item will receive a thorough cleaning. Our tanks are manufactured in many popular sizes with a wide variety of features for ease of use, operator safety and optimal cleaning results.

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Ultrasonic Transducers

The sound waves used in Morantz Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems come from a series of electro-mechanical transducers. These transducers are contained in immersible packs that are placed inside the ultrasonic tank. The vibrations created by these transducers cause cavitation which is what does the actual cleaning. In order to clean effectively, the vibrations that these transducers produce must be precisely tuned to the proper frequency. In order to do that, you will need…

A Morantz Prowave™ Generator

Morantz Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems are powered by our exclusive, state-of-the-art Prowave Generators. These generators provide both power to the transducers and precise control over the sound waves. Prowave Generators evenly distribute sound waves throughout the tank in order to get the most effective cleaning. This type of control allows you to utilize all of your tank space: every corner and every depth will produce the same even cleaning results.

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