Thumbs Up!

At Morantz, we travel to many industry meetings and trade shows around the world where we see our customers. While there, we love to hear about how our Ultrasonic Machines have helped them and their businesses. Over the years, as we ask our customers about experiences with their Morantz equipment, we began noticing something interesting; we started getting a lot of Thumbs Up.

While the Thumbs Up gesture has been around since the time of the Caesars, it’s definitely made a comeback in the age of Facebook. This makes sense. After all, the Thumbs Up is a near universal gesture of approval.

What it Means for Us

For Morantz, Thumbs Up means we’re doing our work well and we appreciate the feedback.  Our pledge is to continue to work hard to earn your Thumbs Up.

What it Means for You

For our customers, Thumbs Up is a commitment to quality and to your success. Keep an eye on this website for programs and products featuring Thumbs Up.

In the meantime, scroll down to see pictures of just a few of our happy customers giving us the Thumbs Up. For more current photos of customers, their equipment and their facilities, visit our Facebook page at:

If you would like to be profiled in our Thumbs Up campaign, please let us know.

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