Great day of training with Joe Pelli and staff of Servpro of Stamford.

Joe Pelli of Servpro of Stamford, March 28, 2013.
Joe Pelli of Servpro of Stamford, CT

Joe Pelli, Owner of Servpro of Stamford with his new Morantz Z-97 Ultrasonic Cleaning System.

Morantz Certified Trainers are available to visit your site and train your entire staff.  Training can also include an open house for adjusters and other business owners who will be interested to learn more about your new cleaning capabilities.

For more information about the z-97 or for training, please call us at 215.969.0266, or submit the form to the right. We look forward to hearing from you.

Morantz Ultrasonics Goes West to Portland, OR for Servpro’s Annual Meeting

Thanks to all at Servpro of Oregon, Northern California and Western Nevada for the warm reception we received from your group. It was great attending your Annual Meeting and Banquet.  A special thanks to Kay Harley of Servpro of Salem West, OR  for purchasing our Z-56 tank and to Tim and Nikole Clark of Servpro of Douglas County, OR for ordering a new Morantz Ultrasonics SM-200 Super System for their new facility.

Neal Wiser, Morantz Representative in Portland
Neal Wiser, Morantz Representative and Marketing Strategic Partner in Portland, OR.


Morantz Tradeshows Around The World

It’s been a very busy first quarter, complete with travel to The Cleaning Show in the United Kingdom, RIA tradeshow (Restoration Industry Association) in Palm Springs, California, Servpro of the Carolinas Conference in Charleston, South Carolina and Servpro of Penn Del Conference in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Throughout all of our travels, one thing has been clear…Ultrasonic Cleaning is now recognized, worldwide, as an extremely useful tool.

Here are a series of pictures from those shows.

Servpro March The Booth

Arnaldo and Stan
Just this past weekend I had the privilege of speaking to Servpro franchises from Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey.

Lisa SpeakingWhile many of these franchises already own our equipment and have realized the benefits of high profit margins in content cleaning, others were seeing ultrasonics for the first time. I was happy to share with the group information about how the technology is not only applicable to fire restoration, but the diversification possibilities into medical cleaning, industrial parts cleaning, window blind cleaning, golf club cleaning and more. This aspect is very appealing to all types of business owners. Especially with the current economic recession, it is important to have a way to compensate for a revenue stream slow down by being able to easily pick up another.

Lisa Speaking During SeminarOne of our Servpro clients who purchased our Super Mighty One (SM-200) model and Drye Rite cabinet this past Summer, shared their story about their very first job with the ultrasonic machines. The job came from a flooded office building that had 54 computers and boxes full of telephones that needed cleaning (see pictures below).

Computers 2

Monitors Keyboards Phones

It only took ONE employee (pictured below) to complete the entire cleaning job over the weekend!

Dana Cleaning Computer

She cleaned 3 computers at a time in the ultrasonic tank, and then placed them in the dryer until she filled the dryer (it fit 16 computers!). After 4 hours of dry time, she would remove the computers and fill the dryer with more newly cleaned computers.

Drying ComputersBecause of the quick turnaround, Servpro was able to walk back into the client’s office on Monday morning, set up the computers, and get them back to work. Now that’s service…and that’s ultrasonics.