Window Blind Cleaning

Ultrasonic Window Blind Cleaning Systems are the fastest, most efficient, most effective and environmentally friendly way to clean Window Blinds of all types. And with hundreds of millions of blinds sold each year to offices, schools, hospitals, restaurants and other facilities, the opportunity clean them is tremendous.

See our Ultrasonic Window Blind Cleaning products below. If you have any questions about what the right machine is for you, submit the form at the right or call us at 215.969.0266. We look forward to hearing from you.

Products for Window Blind Cleaning

USED: B-136 Baby Blind Cleaning Machine

Used B-136 Baby
We have a used B-136 “Baby” ultrasonic machine on consignment. This 1990 model is in good working condition and has a good appearance. Designed for window blind cleaning, the B-136 has two chambers: wash and rinse. Interior dimensions are 72″L x

2-1S (2-in-1 Standard)

2-in-1 Standard
Versatility at an economy price. This 2-tank system combines the power and portability of The Baby and The Brother. Take these machines on site or use them at your facility. The system shares two, portable immersible transducer packs, one state-of-the-art

2-1M (2-in-1 Featuring the Mighty One)

2-in-1 Might One
This 2-tank system combines the power and portability of The Baby and The Mighty One. Take these machines on site or use them at your facility. The system shares two (2) portable immersible transducer packs, one (1) state-of-the-art ultrasonic generator and one (1)

B-160 (The Princess)

This extra-long tank can handle it all. Clean large, oversized blinds, light diffusers, filters, IV poles, area carpets and more. While designed as a stationary machine, The Princess includes 4 casters for mobility and comes with transferable immersible packs. Requires

B-136 (The Baby)

Our most powerful and popular blind cleaning model, The Baby is the machine that started it all. Easily transported in a van, mini-van or trailer, this system can be brought to your customer’s site and fits easily into a standard

SM-200-XL Super Mighty One XL

This all-in-one unit is the largest, most powerful Ultrasonic cleaning machine in the Morantz Ultrasonic family. Its vast size and electric lift make this machine a truly diverse system for all types of cleaning including Fire Restoration, Water Damage Restoration,

Drye-Rite Drying Cabinet

The Drye-Rite Convection Air Drying Cabinet is the fastest way to dry contents. Ideal for Electronics, Fire Restoration, Water Damage (and more), the Drye-Rite can quickly dry most contents in minutes (allow four hours for electronics). Use this portable unit on-site or

Drye-Rite-XL Drying Room

The Drye-Rite-XL is a wonder of engineering; a portable Convection Air Drying and Ozone Room! Equipped with panels that can be adjusted to the size you need, the Drye-Rite-XL can be transported to and setup on-site for large loss/volume drying. For smaller drying jobs, the panels
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