Bart Zeaman, Robby Zeaman & Jeff Zeaman, Nu Look Cleaning Services


“When my sons joined my 30 year old janitorial company 4 years ago, I decided it was time to expand our services. I had a magazine advertisement sitting in my drawer for Morantz Ultrasonics from nearly 10 Years ago. I called Morantz, made an appointment for a demonstration and ultimately bought the 3-in-1 System.”

“I am so glad I bought from Morantz. It turns out that what I thought would be a small add-on for window blind cleaning has become a much larger part of our business. Since then, we attended a Morantz Firesonics Seminar and have added Fire Restoration to our services which has also proven to be extremely profitable and steady work. We are thrilled with our machines and the support Morantz has given us.”


Bart Zeaman
President, Nu Look Cleaning Services






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