Come Visit Us at ISSA Interclean in Las Vegas!

ISSA BoothFrom November 19 -21, we’ll be exhibiting at the ISSA Interclean North America show in Las Vegas, Nevada (Booth: 3805).

We’re really excited to be back in Vegas for this year’s show where we will be demonstrating the ultrasonic machine that started it all, “The Baby.”

If you would like to visit us in the exhibit hall, please contact Lisa Morantz at (215) 969-0266 (or send me a message using the form on the right).

Looking forward to seeing you there.


-Tuesday, November 19: 9:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
-Wednesday, November 20: 9:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
-Thursday, November 21: 9:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.




Crawford Contractor Connection Conference & Tradeshow in San Antonio, TX

The Morantz Ultrasonics Super System

Morantz Ultrasonics will be exhibiting at the Crawford Contractor Connection Tradeshow this May 21st and 22nd.

If you would like to see a live demonstration of our equipment in coordination with our partners from iCAT, please visit with us at:

Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, San Antonio, TX

Booths 448-450

Call for information on passes and show discounts: 215-969-0266

See you there!

Morantz Ultrasonics at Interclean Exhibition

Lisa Morantz and Neal Wiser at the Morantz Ultrasonics booth.Morantz Ultrasonics journeys to Amsterdam bi-annually to participate in the world’s largest cleaning supply exhibition, Interclean. This year, up until the day we had planned to leave, we weren’t sure we were going to make it. The recent eruption of the Eyjafjallajokull Volcano in Iceland, that had shut down much of the air traffic across Europe, threated to prevent our trip and possibly, from the show taking place. Luckily there was a break in the ash cloud and we were able to take off without issue.

We had a great time meeting people in our industry from all over the world and showing them the myriad of benefits derived from Ultrasonic Cleaning. Here is a list of the countries we met people from: (Note: of course, the U.S.A. should be on this list too).


Even better, being at the tradeshow afforded us the opportunity to see many of our clients and to catch up with them. It’s always exciting for me to learn more about their businesses and how they are using their Ultrasonic Machines.

Amelia from Portugal let me know that she is using the machine primarily to clean parts for two major shipyards, and also for computer cleaning. She admitted that starting out 6 years ago trying to convince her clients to clean their computers with sound waves was not without its challenges. Now, she claims confidently, this is a niche market that is an in-demand service.


Sven from the Netherlands let us know that the blind cleaning machine he purchased from us 4 years ago paid for itself right away, and continues to be a revenue generator. While his company has cleaned many blinds in the machine, the entire staff came back to learn a bit more about how they can better market the ultrasonic cleaning service, and how they can diversify into other services such as contents restoration, parts cleaning and more.

We also were happy to see Adriana and her father, Gabriel, from the Canary Islands who have our SM-200 (Super Mighty One) system.

Neal and I, in an effort to not have to repack the M-115 (Mighty One) machine that we brought to the show, decided to put it up for sale. Sure enough, one of the fire restoration companies we had met two years previously at Interclean, purchased the machine. Below is the lucky new owner, Noel from Clean and Construct in Belgium. Before taking the machine back with him, he brought a few items to try out. Here you seem him pre-treating a greasy part that cleaned up beautifully.

Noel from Clean and Construct in Belgium



When not at the exhibition, we spent hours walking around, experiencing this vibrant city.

Street Musicians Canel Tour Girl in Window Gazzebo

The beautiful architecture looks much the same as it did in the 1600’s.


On the last evening of the show, the city wide celebration of Queen’s Day began. It’s a national holiday in honor of the Queen’s birthday (although not the current Queen Beatrice, but her mother. The entire city became a sea of orange shirts, wigs, boas, balloons and more. I was told that Queen’s Day is the only day anyone can sell anything without a permit, so in essence the entire city is one big flea market. Maybe next time I’ll bring more machines to sell on the street at Queen’s Day (LOL!)

Overall, a great trip! We are looking forward to Interclean 2012.

Morantz Tradeshows Around The World

It’s been a very busy first quarter, complete with travel to The Cleaning Show in the United Kingdom, RIA tradeshow (Restoration Industry Association) in Palm Springs, California, Servpro of the Carolinas Conference in Charleston, South Carolina and Servpro of Penn Del Conference in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Throughout all of our travels, one thing has been clear…Ultrasonic Cleaning is now recognized, worldwide, as an extremely useful tool.

Here are a series of pictures from those shows.

Servpro March The Booth

Arnaldo and Stan
Just this past weekend I had the privilege of speaking to Servpro franchises from Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey.

Lisa SpeakingWhile many of these franchises already own our equipment and have realized the benefits of high profit margins in content cleaning, others were seeing ultrasonics for the first time. I was happy to share with the group information about how the technology is not only applicable to fire restoration, but the diversification possibilities into medical cleaning, industrial parts cleaning, window blind cleaning, golf club cleaning and more. This aspect is very appealing to all types of business owners. Especially with the current economic recession, it is important to have a way to compensate for a revenue stream slow down by being able to easily pick up another.

Lisa Speaking During SeminarOne of our Servpro clients who purchased our Super Mighty One (SM-200) model and Drye Rite cabinet this past Summer, shared their story about their very first job with the ultrasonic machines. The job came from a flooded office building that had 54 computers and boxes full of telephones that needed cleaning (see pictures below).

Computers 2

Monitors Keyboards Phones

It only took ONE employee (pictured below) to complete the entire cleaning job over the weekend!

Dana Cleaning Computer

She cleaned 3 computers at a time in the ultrasonic tank, and then placed them in the dryer until she filled the dryer (it fit 16 computers!). After 4 hours of dry time, she would remove the computers and fill the dryer with more newly cleaned computers.

Drying ComputersBecause of the quick turnaround, Servpro was able to walk back into the client’s office on Monday morning, set up the computers, and get them back to work. Now that’s service…and that’s ultrasonics.