Used Ultrasonic Machines – Is It Worth It?

Ultrasonic Cleaning for the Restoration and Window Blind Cleaning Industry has been an established process since my father, Stan Morantz, put the first ultrasonic blind cleaning machine on the market over 30 years ago. Since then, thousands of companies and individuals have purchased our equipment. However, as competitors have come into the market selling their versions of our machines, it’s not uncommon to see an ultrasonic machine or two for sale online by private owners. This situation begs the question…

Should we purchase a new or used Machine?

It seems that I explore this question every week with potential customers who, like all of us, want to get the most “bang” for their buck. While the expectation is that a used machine would be cheaper than purchasing a new one, the reality is that buyers of used machines ultimately spend a lot more money in the long run. This is due to the following factors:

  • Used Machines are Often Missing Critical PartsThis is the most common complaint I hear; people who thought they were getting a great deal purchasing a used machine only to discover that various critical parts (not just accessories) are missing. For example, I once received a call from a used machine purchaser whose machine turned out to only have one immersible pack when it’s supposed to have two. When the used buyer found out the cost to replace the missing immersible, they realized that their expected saving went right out the window.
  • Used Machines Often Don’t Work ProperlyThis situation just breaks my heart. Often, such as in the example above, the machine may actually function, but due to missing or damaged parts, or parts that haven’t been maintained properly, the machine simply does not perform. In such situations, the machine may not clean well (or at all) or take an unreasonable amount of time to complete a cleaning job. Not only does this situation often eat into the profits for a job, it can cause a job to go over budget or damage the owner’s reputation.To illustrate the impact of this situation, we were once contacted by a restoration company who bought a seventeen year old machine that wasn’t working properly. In this particular instance we offered to look at the machine which the owner then sent to us at great cost. Unfortunately, the component that failed was one that we stopped manufacturing over a decade earlier. In the end, that owner paid many thousands of dollars for something that simply didn’t work.Please Note: While all of our new machines come with generous warranties, for a systems that old, component failures can happen.
  • Used Machines May Not be Appropriate for the Work You Need to PerformObviously, a window blind is not an electronic appliance and an appliance is not an industrial part. Each requires a different cleaning process and different equipment. Differences in power, ultrasonic frequencies and machine size can dramatically impact the job you are trying to perform. Be sure you have the proper tool for the job at hand. The consequences can result in projects taking much longer to complete than what the customer was told or even damaging a customer’s property.
  • Used Machines Sellers Do Not Offer Proper TrainingWhile cleaning with Ultrasonics is fairly easy when compared to other cleaning methods, it is critical that the right cleaning processes be used for the right job. As mentioned above regarding having the right tools, proper training is indeed part of the toolset you need to successfully complete your job in a timely manner.Additionally, after purchasing a used machine, the buyer is then on their own. Not only should the buyer not expect the seller to train them on cleaning techniques specific to their needs and the proper operation and maintenance of the machine, but the seller more often than not does not have the proper certifications, experience or interest to effectively train the  buyer. At Morantz, we not only thoroughly train our customers on cleaning techniques, proper operation and maintenance (which is usually free), our trainers are both certified and highly experienced.
  • Used Machines Sellers Don’t Offer Ongoing SupportIn addition to our comprehensive training programs, we offer full support for the lifetime of the machine (do used machine sellers do that?).
  • Used Machine Sellers Don’t Provide Advertising or Marketing AssistanceAt Morantz, we’ve been providing our customers with proven marketing products and services for thirty years. These products are proven to help our customers get work. Additionally, we have recently established a strategic partnership with Neal Wiser of Neal Wiser Consulting to offer our clients marketing guidance, training and services from website development to full, multichannel marketing campaign management (web, video, social media, etc.). Neal has over 15 years experience in online marketing and has serviced clients from small family businesses (such as ourselves) to Fortune 500 companies and even NASA.
  • Used Machine Sellers Don’t Offer Training SeminarsAt Morantz, we have a long history of organizing training seminars for our customers. These seminars have covered both specific (such as Fire Restoration) and general cleaning and business topics. We’re also preparing online seminars and coursework to further support our clients. Don’t forget to sign up for our monthly newsletter so you can receive notifications of upcoming events (please use the form on the right of the page).

In addition to the above issues, Used Machines Sellers will often tell you the following…

False Promises

These are things that you are almost guaranteed to hear from every used seller:

  • The machine has only been run for a few hours.
  • The machine has been safely in storage since the last time it was used.
  • I will train you on how to operate the machine.

Only Morantz Offers Certified, Pre-Owned Machines

You might be interested to know that Morantz Ultrasonics does sell our own used equipment. Why is this different than buying from a 3rd party?

  1. We make sure everything is in proper working condition prior to the sale. This means repair or replacement as needed.
  2. We offer a limited warranty on our used equipment.
  3. You get the same support from our company as buying new. This means all the benefits of training, on-going support, etc.

Check our website for pre-owned Ultrasonic equipment that we may have available, or call 215-969-0266.

If you are a previous Morantz client and are looking to sell your equipment, you can call us at 215-969-0266 and we can discuss your options. We do require clear photographs of all equipment and components prior to any discussion, so please have these available.

Hope this information is helpful.  If you have any questions about what you are purchasing, I encourage you to call us prior to buying. This way you may know better if you really did find “THE DEAL” or if you have better options.

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