How to clean Electronics with Morantz Ultrasonics

Electronics Cleaning is an industry in its infancy, but Morantz has been cleaning electronics with ultrasonics for over 30 years. Our customers are way ahead of the curve when it comes to this niche market, and have been cashing in. If you are still surprised that you can clean electronics and electrical appliances with ultrasonics (yes, in water!), and want to learn more about how to clean Electronics with Morantz Ultrasonics, read on.

On site electronics cleaning with Morantz equipment

The Market: Today, nearly every aspect of cleaning brings us in contact with electronics. Homes, offices and facilities contain some combination of desktop computers, laptops, tablets, game consoles, music players and equipment, electronic musical instruments, printers, telephones, toys and more. These items cannot be ignored, especially when it comes to serious and deep cleaning for smoke, soot, water, mold and disinfection. Many cleaning services will shy away from electronics and give the job (and all the profit) to subcontractors. The reality is that if you have an ultrasonic machine, a proper drying room/drying cabinet, and instruction from Morantz, you can clean electronics.

Cleaning a flat screen television with the Morantz Ultrasonics SM-200 machine

Our customers using their machines to clean electronics are doing very well. This niche market goes well beyond restoration work and has opened the way to cleaning set top cable boxes, maintaining expensive industrial coffee and food dispensing machines, cleaning headsets for phones, cleaning power tools, cleaning electrical musical instruments, disinfection of medical equipment in hospitals, and so much more.

Before Ultrasonic Cleaning
After Ultrasonic Cleaning

The Process*: Remove the electronic item’s cover and any batteries, if applicable. For computers, remove the hard drive. Pre-wash if needed. Ultrasonic clean for 1-2 minutes. Rinse with deionized water. Dry immediately and thoroughly with the Morantz Blow Dry Gun. Spray with Morantz Miracle Chemical to displace any extra moisture. Place in the Morantz Drying Cabinet (or equivalent drying room with proper temperature, relative humidity and air flow) for a minimum of four hours.

For Disinfection: If you have Morantz equipment, you already know our equipment has been tested and proven for disinfection if used properly. Ultrasonic clean for a minimum of 3 minutes in your Morantz machine (results not proven for other manufacturers). Check your cleaning work with an ATP meter. This will let you know if there is still anything “live” on the electronic item that could be viral, bacterial or otherwise problematic. Then follow all other steps above.

For On Site Cleaning: Customers with sensitive information may not allow for their computers and other electronic equipment to leave their site.  All Morantz ultrasonic machines are built on wheels and can be taken to the job site. However, the most portable and least costly machine is the Z-56. For drying, we recommend building a temporary drying room using a dehumidifier, space heater (if necessary) and an air mover. Be sure the drying room still meets proper parameters for temperature and relative humidity. To see photos from one of our on site computer cleaning jobs on our Facebook page, click here. For this job we used plastic sheeting to build a temporary drying space in one corner and it worked very well.

Equipment: Every Morantz model of machine can be used for electronics cleaning, but our most popular models are the SM-200 and M-115. These machines have electric lifts that make cleaning electronics easier for the operator. There’s no heavy lifting or awkward handling of items involved. For drying, our Drye-Rite drying cabinet with ozone is ideal.

Cleaning desktop computer with the Morantz Ultrasonics M-115 line
Cleaning chandelier with Morantz Ultrasonics
The Morantz Drye Rite drying & ozone cabinet: Drying air movers
Cleaned electric guitar with the SM-200. Drying with Morantz Blow Dry Gun

*There are additional steps for specific types of electronics. This article does not take the place of training. Training is free of charge to all Morantz customers. If you want to learn more, be sure to click through all the links and contact your Morantz representative at 215-969-0266.

More photos:


Musical Instrument Cleaning with Morantz Ultrasonics

 Musical instrument cleaning is an in-demand business.  Whether you are an instrument repair technician, an instrument retailer, or a cleaning company, this is a great add-on service.
Many of our ultrasonic machine owners find that although they did not intend to clean musical instruments,  they encounter them during the course of their business.
Cleaning a French Horn in the Morantz Z-56 Ultrasonic Machine
If you are offering soot and smoke damage contents cleaning , it is inevitable that you will need to clean musical instruments in homes and commercial facilities. If you deal with antiques and/or electronics, at some time you will be asked to clean these types of instruments. Most recently, our customers who focus on medical disinfection are being called on to clean instruments for schools that are demanding instrument infection control. For all of these reasons, it is worthwhile exploring this market and learning the proper cleaning techniques.
Tuba cleaning in the Morantz Z-56 Ultrasonic Machine
Here are some general tips for ultrasonic cleaning of musical instruments*:
Brass and other metals:
Most instruments that are brass will need to be inspected to determine if lacquer is already starting to peel off. The older the instrument is, the more likely you will see this.  If it is peeling, temperature and intensity need to be kept low to avoid further damage. For other metal instruments, the temperature of cleaning should usually remain at room temperature.Before cleaning, instruments should be disassembled as much as possible. Remove all slides and buttons. If you find these parts are stuck, go ahead and clean the whole instrument in the machine for a minute, pull it out, and see if you can then loosen these parts enough to disassemble them. Then place all parts back in the machine for another 2-3 minutes. Note that you do not have to remove the felt or leather pads prior to cleaning, but if these need replacing, it’s best to go ahead and remove them at this time.Clean in stages: Pre-wash, Ultrasonic Wash, Rinse and Dry
For best results, pre-wash your instruments in a high alkaline cleaning solution such as Morantz Synergizer. This will remove oil, dirt and other build up. For the Ultrasonic Wash, you should use an acidic, descaling solution to work on the build up (from saliva) frequently seen on brass instruments. One of our favorite products is Tesch Classic Brass Cleaner. Click through for information and ordering information and view a video here on Tesch products.

Clean scale off instruments with the proper cleaning solution

Rinse the instrument with deionized water.
Dry with the Morantz Blow Dry Gun or other appropriate drying tool.

The Morantz Blow Dry Gun used to quickly dry a trombone

To watch a video of ultrasonic cleaning the above pictured trombone, click here.

To watch a video of a cleaned trumpet being dried with the Morantz Blow Dry Gun, click here.

Woodwind and String Instruments: Yes, you can clean these too if you keep the temperature and intensity low and dwell time to seconds. Only an alkaline solution should be used on these instruments (no descaler!). They also need to be dried quickly and completely as soon as they are cleaned. We recommend you use the Morantz Blow Dry Gun.

Clarinet cleaned with Ultrasonics

Electric and Electronic Instruments: Yes, you can clean these instruments too, but be sure to use only alkaline solution (no descaler!). As with all types of electronics cleaning, these instruments must be rinsed with deionized water, dried immediately and thoroughly with the Morantz Blow Dry Gun, sprayed with Morantz Miracle Chemical to displace any extra moisture, and placed in the Morantz Drying Cabinet (or equivalent drying room) for a minimum of four hours.

Electric Guitar cleaned with Ultrasonics

For Disinfection: Schools usually clean all of their instruments over the Summer, so it’s a great time to start discussing your service with them.  If you have Morantz equipment, you may already know how our equipment has been tested and proven for disinfection. In the field, you can check your cleaning work with an ATP meter. This will let you know if there still anything “live” on the instrument that could be viral, bacterial or otherwise problematic.

ATP Meter displaying test results

Take before and after photos. When you are given an instrument to clean, take a good, high definition photo prior to cleaning. Take another when the job is complete. Not only will your customer appreciate seeing what a great job you did for them, but you can use these for marketing your service. Post on social media, your website, as well as taking them with you on prospective jobs.  Remember that a picture is worth 1000 words.

Before Ultrasonic Cleaning
After Ultrasonic Cleaning
Morantz manufactures a wide variety of models of machines that can be used for instrument cleaning, but our most popular models are the Z-56 “Bubba” and the Z-97 “Brother” models.  Mouthpieces on brass instruments can also be cleaned in our line of SZ table top size cleaners. Click here to download our catalog and learn more.
*This article does not take the place of training. Training is free of charge to all Morantz customers. If you want to learn more, be sure to contact your Morantz representative at 215-969-0266..

We’re Featured in R&R Magazine

Morantz Ultrasonics  has been featured in R&R (Restoration and Remediation) Magazine.  If you’re considering starting or growing a Contents Cleaning division, this article contains words of wisdom on where you should start.  Click here to read the original article (even if crossed out you can click through) or read below.

Ultrasonic Cleaning: Is It Right For You? by Lisa Morantz

If you are considering ways to improve your current contents restoration business or the possibility of entering into the realm of contents cleaning for the first time, there are many questions to be explored. One option to think about: ultrasonic cleaning technology.

Ask around, there’s a lot of good news about ultrasonics. You’ll find it’s a thoroughly tried and tested technology around for about 40 years. Industry experts discuss its meticulous and efficient cleaning capabilities. Business owners tout ultrasonic cleaners as highly valued tools for increasing profitability. Insurance companies recognize the cost savings of ultrasonics, and some even insist restoration companies use ultrasonics in order to receive new contents jobs.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and some guidance on how to consider and answer: Is ultrasonic cleaning right for you?

1) Is my company big enough?

This question usually refers to the number of content jobs a company is currently handling. In other words, are there enough jobs each month to justify the investment?  Consider this another way:  Are you satisfied with the number of jobs you are bringing in or would you like more work? And, are you profitable enough with the work you are doing?

If you’re looking to expand your contents business, this should be planned growth. Set goals, and determine what you need to achieve those goals, including equipment. The reality is insurance companies give contents jobs to companies they know can handle them.  If you can show adjusters you can perform these jobs with efficiency, handle multiple jobs at once, take on contents that were previously considered a loss, reduce secondary damages and residual issues, and also save them money… you will get more work!

This is one of those, “if you build it they will come” scenarios. Successful businesses make targeted investments in the proper ultrasonic cleaning systems, and then market it well. It’s a proven formula for success in contents restoration.

If you’re only looking for improved speed and quality, there is ultrasonic equipment for this too. No one will argue hand cleaning contents is difficult. For items with crevices and other hard-to-reach areas, it is even more problematic. As a result, there are frequently odor and corrosion issues where items need to be re-cleaned. Hand wiping is also tedious and time consuming work. Because it is so labor intensive, with labor being the biggest cost for any company, it is expensive work. This means many companies are currently doing a lot of work for little profit. It’s frustrating.

Fortunately, there are ultrasonic tools for these companies, too. These machines are typically smaller, but just as powerful as well as portable and can serve as a launching point for growth once owners begin to realize more profit.

2) Do I have enough employees?

In many cases, individual ultrasonic machines can be operated by a single employee, but that doesn’t mean you’re working efficiently. Employees are also needed to unpack boxes of contents, inventory them, prep, wash, dry, and repack. With a single employee, you can get the job done, but that employee becomes a bottleneck. However, you don’t necessarily need a single employee for each step. Many profitable ultrasonic cleaning businesses can work effectively with two to four employees. This keeps overhead low, but doesn’t depend on one person to do everything.

3) Do I have enough space?

Ultrasonic cleaning and contents restoration does not require a tremendous amount of space. While some companies with expansion plans may want to relocate to a larger facility, most only need to use their current space more efficiently. Sometimes all it takes is a little reorganization, better lighting, a fresh coat of paint and some creativity.

There are more ultrasonic equipment options available today than ever. One size does not fit all. Guidance should be provided by your contents equipment manufacturer or supplier to help you choose the right equipment for your space, electrical capacity, drainage, etc.  Many will even help you design your space and provide you with floor planning.

If you are a company with a goal to diversify services and grow ultrasonic cleaning as a major division or department, keep in mind more equipment may be necessary as well as space.

If you are a newer or smaller company, it may be necessary to minimize the space you use. A smaller ultrasonic machine may be the answer to help in being nimble, flexible, helping with cash flow and allowing you to maximize your profits. Your strategy should include some planning for future growth and deciding if you want to reinvest your new-found profits towards additional space or future equipment.

In most cases, you should plan on a minimum of 500 square feet. This space will not only be for equipment, but for storage of both dirty and cleaned items, racks for drying, tables for packing/unpacking, etc. With a little extra attention to detail, you can easily turn your cleaning area into a “show room” to bring adjusters and other customers through for demonstrations and classes. This is terrific marketing that will grab their attention and brings the “wow” factor.

Don’t let the perception that you can’t start offering the ultrasonic cleaning service until your space is perfectly planned out stop you from moving forward. Start simple and see what works best.

4) Should I just sub out contents work?

Some companies are currently sub-contracting their contents work because they don’t want to deal with these questions or invest in equipment. Companies taking on this contents work are profiting tremendously! The question is: would you like to re-capture this profit? Take a look at how many dollars are going out the door and think about what that would mean for your company. Better yet, maybe you would like to become THE contents company to which everyone else subs their work.

5) What about training and support?

Ultrasonic equipment utilizes sophisticated technology. Accordingly, it is critical the machinery you work with is designed for ease of use and is supported by the manufacturer or supplier. While training is available from most manufacturers and some industry experts, “hands-on” training is critical and truly the best way to learn.

Additionally, many restoration companies prefer to have an instructor come to them so employees receive individualized training and attention on their own equipment. When these employees become comfortable using the equipment, they’ll look forward to using it and use it more effectively.

Finally, no single training program or class can account for all the different items and scenarios that occur in contents cleaning. Be sure your manufacturer/supplier offers on-going, expedient, and ideally, free-of-cost answers to all of your questions.

6) Can I afford it?

We’ve already discussed the labor savings, the efficiencies, the marketing capabilities, etc., but there is one more factor to consider: additional markets.

One of the great things about ultrasonics is its ability to clean so many different types of items. When not busy with fire restoration and you have some down time, why not diversify? Clean sports equipment, electronics, industrial parts, window blinds, medical equipment and more. If you haven’t explored and marketed these other options, you are leaving the proverbial money on the table.

An investment in ultrasonic equipment can run anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000 (your manufacturer/supplier should work with you to determine your budget and needs). Most companies are reporting return on investment within the first quarter of ownership.

With profit margins averaging over 50 percent, ultrasonics is a serious tool for business and worthy of serious consideration.


Want to learn more about how Morantz Ultrasonics works for Soft Contents Cleaning?  Click here (even if it shows as crossed out you can click through) to read another great R&R magazine article.

Facility Planning: Planning for Success with Ultrasonic Cleaning

When preparing your facility for ultrasonic cleaning there are a lot of decisions you need to make in order to create a space that is efficient and allows you to more quickly realize profit. Here are a few things to consider.

A Morantz customer’s facility with the SM-200 Super System, Drying cabinet, tables, and more. This space was optimized for equipment and work flow.

Where to Start

Space planning starts with figuring out the goals for your ultrasonic equipment and your business. If you’ve already established your goals, then you’re in a great position, but even if you haven’t, there are some basic questions you should ask yourself.

The answers to these questions will help determine your approach to space planning and will help you determine what equipment you need and how you should use it. Some questions should include the following:

  • What do you plan on cleaning?
    Is your goal to become a specialist or a cleaning “hub” for a specific type of item in your area? Or, are you just trying to clean items more quickly and easily?
  • Are you expanding your services?
    Do you currently have a customer base for a certain type of item ultrasonic cleaning can lend itself too? If so, are you also interested in the possibility of expanding into other markets (i.e. window blinds and curtains, contents restoration, industrial parts cleaning, medical cleaning, sports equipment cleaning, etc? )
  • Does your business do something other than cleaning?
    For example, are you a manufacturer who needs a better way to clean parts and components? Are you looking for an alternative method for maintaining equipment?
  • Do you plan to work primarily from your facility or will this be a mobile business?
    Having a plan for operation is critical.  If most of  your work is done at a customer’s site, how you approach planning your facility will be different than if most items will be brought to your facility for processing.
  • What stage is your business in?
    Are you a new start up? Do you have existing cash flow? Are you an established company making a planned investment?
Space Planning
An example of how many companies begin. This is a photograph sent to Morantz from a customer to begin the process of facility planning.

Defining Your Space Needs

How you use your space depends on your goals and the type of company you are.

Established Companies

If you are an established company with a goal to diversify services and grow Ultrasonic Cleaning as a major division or department, more equipment may be necessary as well as space. Most likely you will need a defined workspace that may require at least 500 square feet. This not only includes space for equipment, but for storage of both dirty and cleaned items, racks for drying, tables for packing/unpacking and more.

Newer Businesses

If you are a newer or smaller company, it may be necessary to minimize the space you use. Being nimble and flexible will help with cash flow and allow you to maximize your profits. Your strategy should include some planning for future growth. That means you need to decide if you want to reinvest income in additional space and/or more equipment.

Determining Your Infrastructure

The following are additional factors that you need to consider. These factors will also help you determine the equipment that may work best for you in your current circumstances.


Know the service your facility currently has installed and determine whether that service can be modified (if needed). For example, most Morantz Ultrasonic Systems are available in 110v and 220v models and typically require a 20amp service.

  • You’ll need to answer the following questions:
  • What electrical current do you have available?
  • Do you have 110v, 208v, 220v or a combination?
  • How many separate circuits do you currently have?
  • How many amps?
  • What electricity are you willing or able to install?
  • Will you need a landlord’s or other approval to make modifications?


Water is the cleaning medium for Ultrasonics. Specifically, Ultrasonics requires soft water to achieve it’s most effective cleaning.

Customers should investigate their water source and determine the following:

  • Is your water source city or well water?
  • Is the water hard or soft?
  • Will you be working primarily on-site (using your customer’s water)?

Hard Vs. Soft Water

It’s not uncommon for facilities to have hard water. Fortunately, it’s easy to soften hard city supplied water with Morantz products. For a variety of reasons, well water is not a good medium for ultrasonic cleaning. This may require installing a water softening system or utilizing outside water. This is something you want to plan for, not be surprised by later.


You want to be able to fill your equipment and drain easily. This can be as simple as using a hose to fill the machine(s) and opening the ball valve drain on each machine for drainage.

DO plan to use separate hoses to drain your tank(s) than you use for drainage.  The inner surfaces of drainage hoses can be contaminated, and you want to fill your tanks with clean water.

DON’T become paralyzed to move forward due to a perception that you can’t start offering the cleaning service if you don’t have the filling and draining of the tanks perfectly planned out.  Start simple.  If you would like to install more permanent fixtures throughout your facility for filling and draining, great.  Sometimes it’s best to wait until you have your equipment in the place you want it before making these installations.  Give yourself some flexibility and see what works best.

Water Temperature

If possible, use hot water to fill your machine(s), but consider the following:

  • Do you have access to hot water?
  • Do you have enough hot water to fill your equipment?
  • If you don’t have hot water, the machine will need to heat the water. Do you have enough time to heat the water before beginning work?

Cleaning Accessories

Do you have all the right equipment to help you perform the work quickly and easily? Time is money and you need to be prepared for each job. While Morantz offers multiple accessory Kits designed specifically to help you get the job done quickly and easily, there are additional accessories that you may need to consider.

  • Air Compressors
    Older Morantz machines include Morantz’s pneumatic lifts (as of 2017, most are electric). You will need to supply compressed air for the pneumatic lifts to operate, and for newer models, pre-wash machines still use air compressors for the bubbling action. When planning your space and electricity, don’t forget to consider what you may need to run your compressor(s). Also, many compressors are noisy. You may want these behind a wall, in a closet or case to muffle sounds.


  • Unpacking/Packing Tables
    For most applications (including window blind cleaning, parts, restoration and contents cleaning), you will need a workspace to process items both before and after cleaning. This is where you will unpack and repack the items, prepare them for cleaning and inspect them for damage or unexpected contamination. Make sure you have space for the tables you are considering using.


  • Packing Materials
    Most items will need to be packaged in some way after cleaning. You may want your packaging materials such as paper, plastic, bubble wrap and boxes over or near the tables.


  • Sink:
    If you are not using the Morantz Pre-Wash or Rinse tanks, having a sink nearby can be extremely useful for many cleaning applications. Consider having a sink large enough to fit the size baskets you are using with your machines.


  • Drying Tools and Drying Space
    You will need to dry whatever you wash. While some items can drip or air dry, other items may need to be dried much faster. For quick drying, the Morantz Blow-Dry Gun is a great tool, but you may need to do a more thorough drying. In that case, the Morantz Drye Rite and Ozone cabinet can be a great solution.In some circumstances, you may want to build your own drying room. This will allow you to dry many large items at once. Regardless of your drying method, you will need to consider space, item placement, electrical and ventilation requirements.
Pictured left is the Morantz Blow Dry Gun and right is the Morantz Drying and Ozone Cabinet. Both tools dry items within minutes.
Hang and Dry
An area to hang and dry blinds, curtains, area carpets and more may be necessary depending on the service you are providing.


  • Storage
    Will you be storing items after cleaning? If so, will you need to store items for the short or long term? If you don’t have storage space available, you might want to consider off-site storage. Whatever your storage decision, be sure that the items are stored in a safe and climate controlled facility (if necessary).
Crates/Vaults used primarily for storing contents from fire and water damaged items.

Ask Morantz for Professional Help

The abovementioned questions are critical to allow you to efficiently plan your space. The more prepared your space is, the faster you can process jobs and realize a profit. We can also assist you with Best Practices and provide guidance to your organization.


Please be sure to discuss your goals with your Morantz representative before ordering your equipment. We want to help your company make informed decisions and plan for your growth and success.

And don’t forget; this is a free service to our customers.

How to Get Started

We want your space planning to be quick and easy, but in order for us to help you, there are some things that you can send us to help speed up the process. These items will also help us figure out and make suggestions about what equipment will work best at your facility, maximizing workflow and account for additional items you may need to install.


If you don’t have all of these items, let us know and we can discuss making arrangements to acquire them. These items include:

  • Facility Measurements
    Please be thorough and note locations of existing doors, electrical outlets, conduits, plumbing, drainage and water sources, fixed structural elements and equipment or other potential obstacles that will have to taken into consideration.
  • Photographs
    Yes, a picture is worth a thousand words. They also help us see exactly what we’re talking about and allow us to better understand your facility’s available space and existing layout. When taking pictures, wide-angle pictures of the entire space are preferred as well as close-ups of necessary elements that need to be worked around (i.e. existing fixtures, closets, etc.).

Get StartedIf you want Morantz to help you plan your facility, or if you have any questions about planning, please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can discuss your needs and help you plan for success.  We want you to profit from your equipment and receive your “Thumbs Up”.

Call us at 215.969.0266.


FEATURED STORY: Top 10 ways to Promote Spring Cleaning with Ultrasonics

Spring Clean_350Spring Cleaning has begun and at Morantz Ultrasonics we’ve seen an increase in our Window Blind and Curtain Cleaning Services as well as our Parts Cleaning Service (yes, we still run our Ultrasonic Cleaning Service in addition to manufacturing the equipment). So now is the perfect time to kick your promotions into high gear and market Ultrasonic Cleaning.

We’ve done a lot of marketing over the years and we know from experience that there are way to promote our services that have proven themselves time and time again. Others methods are newer and are working quite well. Here’s my current top 10 list of best ways to promote Spring Cleaning (in no particular order):

1) Partner with Local Dry Cleaners: Most dry cleaners offer curtain cleaning, but not blind cleaning. Reach out to your local dry cleaners and suggest a partnership with you that will allow them to offer blind cleaning services. Not only will they increase revenue, but they may add on some new dry cleaning customers in the process (this happens quite often). They love this, and you have tapped into a new customer base.

Dry Clean Marketing

2) Offer a Groupon: Groupon marketing and other online based coupons are great ways to get your services known. Offer your services for blind cleaning, tools cleaning, golf club cleaning, parts cleaning, medical cleaning and more. You’re likely to tap into a new set of customers this way.


3) Go Door to Door: A hanger tag with a coupon, placed on the door handles in the right neighborhood can bring you a lot of extra work. Make sure your tags look professional and your contact information is clear and concise. List all of your Spring Cleaning Services including air conditioning vents, barbeque grills, window screens and more. If you’ve been to a neighbor’s home and they are happy with your service, get a reference and include it on the hanger tag.

Door hangers_350

4) Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Other Social Media Sites: While Facebook has been cutting back on how many people actually see posts, don’t overlook social media marketing. It is very effective and most of it is still absolutely free. Many people search for services through these sites, so you should have a strong presence. Update all social media sites at least once a week and you’ll have plenty of content to share. Be sure to promote Spring Cleaning!

5) Partner with Local Hardware Stores: Spring is when the tools come out and many of them could use a good clean up. Why not partner with hardware stores for tool cleaning? Bring your equipment on site and make it an event.


6) Partner with Window Washers: Spring is when windows get washed and window washers have to move blinds every time they do their job. Why not let them know they can offer the blind cleaning service and make some money without doing any more work?

Window Washer

7) Exhibit at Your Local Home Show and Flea Markets: Most communities have some sort of home show or flea market in the Spring where companies showcase their products and services and people offer their wares for sale. Why not set up a booth, bring your machine and do demos? You can raffle off free blind cleaning and collect names for your mailing list.

Home Show

8) Send Out Post Cards to Commercial Accounts: Post cards with good Before and After photos are very effective in grabbing attention. Why not send out post cards to facility managers, property management companies and others who you would like to work with? Work towards setting up an appointment for an in-person meeting and free estimate for their facility.

9) Update Your Website: Now is a good time to do a your own Spring Cleaning. Update your website and be sure to include information about your Spring Cleaning Services and your Spring Cleaning coupons and discounts. Make sure your message is clear, that you have great before and after photos, and that you have an easy way for customers to contact you.

10) Visit your local schools: Now is the time to work on Summer cleaning. Since school is still in session through the Spring, try to line up work for Summer during this time.

Class Room

If you have questions about marketing your Ultrasonic Service, call our office at 215.969.0266 to discuss your needs. We are here to support our customers in every aspect of their business, including promotion.

6 Easy Ways to Get More Customers

No matter how successful your business is the one thing that it will always need are more customers. After all, serving your customers is why you’re in business, but could you and your sales team use a little help?

Below are six easy and low cost ways for you to get yourself in front of more people so that you can demonstrate your services. While some of these tactics may be focused on specific applications, feel free to change them to suit your needs.

  1. Idea: Host an Open House for Insurance Agents and Adjusters.
    Contents Cleaning and Fire Restoration.
    Objectives: Build relationships with Agents and Adjusters. Introduce and educate them about the benefits of Ultrasonic Cleaning.
    Tips: Show them how fast and effective your Ultrasonic Cleaning System and services are, and how your service will save them money. Offer to clean their personal items, like golf clubs, to show them how effective your equipment is, plus provide a memorable service!
  2. Idea: Partner with Interior Decorators and Window Blind Sellers.
    Application: Window Blind Cleaning.
    Objectives: Create mutually beneficial partnerships. Expand your sales reach.
    Tips: Offer these partners a Referral Fee or wholesale price for each blind cleaned. Not only will they make extra money, this will build good will with their customers by not “forcing” a new blind sale when all that is needed is a good cleaning. In fact, you should suggest that the designer or seller offer their customers a “Maintenance Plan.” Once these customers know there is an easy and affordable maintenance plan, they are more apt to purchase those more expensive “designer” type blinds. This will also give them an opportunity to periodically visit their customers where they could then sell new blinds for other areas in their home or business.
  3. Idea: Clean Sports Equipment for Local Teams & Toys for Daycares.
    Applications: Contents Restoration, Janitorial Cleaning and Medical Cleaning for Infection Control.
    Objective: Diversify your services and customer base.
    Tips: Your local sports teams, whether they’re professional, collegiate or league-based, are more concerned than ever about the health issues resulting from unclean equipment. Offer to do a free cleaning of a few items to demonstrate the effectiveness of Ultrasonic Cleaning for Infection Control (this could even include your local school’s gym equipment or toys in a nearby day care). Morantz provides our clients with results from independent laboratory tests for you to share with your customers during the sales process. And be sure to bring your ATP testing kit to quantify and support your results.
  4. Idea: Clean Your Doctor’s Offices (Including Pediatricians and Dentists) & Senior Citizen Facilities.
    Medical Cleaning & Infection Control.
    Objective: Diversify your customer base.
    Tips: Medical cleaning isn’t limited to large hospitals. Because of their small size, your local practitioners and senior centers often have problems maintaining sterile environments in their facilities. It’s not just the medical equipment; it’s the window blinds in the waiting and examination rooms, the computer keyboards at the nurse’s stations, the individual wheel chairs and even the toys in the pediatrician’s office. Morantz provides our clients with results from independent laboratory tests for you to share with your customers during the sales process. And don’t forget your ATP testing kit to quantify and support your results.
  5. Idea: Partner with Your Local Computer Services Companies.
    Applications: Electronics Cleaning.
    Objectives: Create mutually beneficial partnerships. Expand your sales reach.
    Tips: Computer Services companies provide maintenance and technical support for businesses both large and small. Aside from installing software and hardware, Ultrasonic Cleaning gives them a new, “Value-Added” service to sell. Show them the benefits of cleaning their customer’s computers and tools with Ultrasonics. Ultrasonic Cleaning keeps computers running smoothly, prevents them from overheating and starting fires, avoids the loss of valuable data, stops employees from getting sick through sharing infected tools and equipment (which also improves productivity) and more.
  6. Idea: Sponsor Industry Events.
    Applications: All.
    Objectives: Diversify your customer base. Create mutually beneficial partnerships. Expand your sales reach.
    Tips: Local business organizations are constantly looking for companies to sponsor events. They also like to showcase something that can attract attendees. In exchange for a nominal fee (or maybe just free food), you can bring your machine to their event and do a demonstration. And remember, the networking at these events can lead to more business.

All of these ideas help to achieve the following:

  • They put you in front of new customers. Even if they aren’t ready to use your services at the moment, they now know who you are and what you can do for them.
  • They get you in the door and help you to upsell additional services.
  • They help your customers make more money by expanding their services.
  • This will expand your credibility and enhance your professional reputation.

These ideas are just a small sample of the many ways you can get more clients simply by being creative. Morantz can provide you with more, proven ideas.

What creative things do you and your sales teams do to get more customers? Please share in the comments below. We’d love to hear about them.