Cleaning Electronics with CRDN

A couple of years ago, CRDN (Certified Restoration Drycleaning Network) decided to expand their services to include electronics cleaning. Previously, this group of specialty dry cleaners, located throughout the US, Canada and the U.K., focused solely on restoration cleaning of textiles. When there is a fire in someone’s home, they are among the first to be called to the scene. Their job is to remove clothing, bedding, curtains, area carpets and other textiles for cleaning. For 16 years, as they provided this service, they noticed that the electronics and electric appliances in homes were growing. Items such as soot covered computers, televisions, game consoles, vacuum cleaners, coffee makers, curling irons, lamps, ceiling fans and more were being left behind, and ultimately, thrown out. The insurance companies were paying out quite a bit of money to replace them. This seemed like a great niche market for them as they were already in the home after the fire, with trained staff to remove and clean items quickly. CRDN set to work to offer this new service. Two years later, the electronics cleaning business is in demand…and growing.

Ross Kollenberg, Executive Vice President of CRDN, learning how to clean a flat screen TV with the Morantz SM-200 System.

This February, Morantz was excited to be asked to attend the CRDN Super Regional Meeting in Michigan. The goal was to show the franchises our method of ultrasonic cleaning electronics and electric items. The Berkley, Michigan location had already been using our ultrasonic window blind cleaning machine to clean various types of blinds and curtains, so it was great when we had the opportunity to show off the new M-115 machine they installed for electronics cleaning. Over the course of two days, the

equipment was used to clean a wide variety of items including computers, bundles of electric cords, irons, fans, toaster ovens, scanners and more to demonstrate how quickly, easily and effectively our process is. Groups of franchises were brought in to watch the live demonstrations and ask lots of great questions. Here are some photos (best viewed on a desktop computer) from the event:

Bob Fearon, President of CRDN, told us “When we launched our Electronics Cleaning Service at CRDN, our approach from the start was to clean items from the least aggressive method to a more aggressive one, incrementally, as needed. We always want to apply the method that will give us the best chance for complete restoration of any item.

The Morantz Ultrasonic Cleaning Method and Equipment has given CRDN the ability to safely clean most electronic items in a fraction of the time of our previously used approach. It has increased our productivity and quality, while allowing us to restore items that were considered non-restorable in the past. Our Berkley, MI facility processes multiple jobs daily and the Morantz System for Cleaning Electronics has made the work more efficient.”       

The staff at the Berkley, Michigan CRDN with their new Morantz M-115 Ultrasonic machine

Since the event, we have been happy to have several CRDN franchises from around the country visit with us in Philadelphia, for a closer and more in depth look at our equipment. Many will be installing systems of their own in the near future.

We are very excited to have had the opportunity to meet with so many of the CRDN franchises, and show them how to diversify services to offer a better finished product, increase productivity and add profit to their businesses.