SUCCESS STORY: Kleena of Australia increases business by 200% with Morantz Ultrasonics

Mick Bantoft, Owner of Kleena
Mick Bantoft, Owner of Kleena

Meet Mick Bantoft, owner and operator of Kleena in Queensland, Australia ( Over the past 8 years, Mick has used Morantz Ultrasonics to create an entirely new niche market for his company cleaning curtains, microfiber cloths, trolley covers, privacy curtains, blinds, soot damaged contents and other hard to clean items for hospitals and hotels.

Shaking Up Business

In 2006, Mick Bantoft knew he had to shake up his curtain cleaning business or risk losing it. He flew half way around the world to attend a cleaning tradeshow in search of the “next big thing,” something that would help grow his business. During his browsing, he saw the Morantz Ultrasonics cleaning systems. Immediately, Mick knew he had found what he was looking for. “I was completely amazed with what I was seeing. Fabrics, like the ones I clean were being put into the machine and came out cleaner than I could ever get them, and all within seconds,” Mick said. Mick decided then and there to learn as much as he could about ultrasonics. A short time later, he was on a plane to Philadelphia to see all that Morantz had to offer. After a few days at Morantz H.Q., Mick ordered his first set of machines, a Morantz 3-in-1 System, and got to work.

Kleena staff unpacks curtains to prepare them for cleaning.
Kleena staff unpacks curtains to prepare them for cleaning.

The learning curve was short and once my staff and I really began to understand the full capabilities of these machines, the excitement and work continued to grow.” said Mick. “I focused primarily on blinds and curtains in my first year because it was my client base. I was able to process existing jobs in a much shorter amount of time which generated higher profit margins and left me time to explore and promote other types of cleaning.

Kleena’s drying area. Rolling racks can be wheeled into their Drye Rite XL (see below).
Kleena’s drying area. Rolling racks can be wheeled into their Drye Rite XL (see below).

Branching Out

Mick and his staff soon returned to Morantz H.Q. and attended a Morantz’s Firesonics® Seminar where they learned more about how to use ultrasonics to clean soot and smoke damaged items including electronics. “Very few people offer content cleaning in Australia. I knew this was a great opportunity to get my foot in the door. As soon as I started promoting it, the work came so quickly I ordered a SM-200 Super Mighty One from Morantz to dedicate to the contents side. I also purchased a golf club cleaning machine to promote content cleaning and other services at tournaments and meetings.” Mick added, “When I realized how useful the pneumatic lift on the SM-200 was for lifting heavy items, I started using it for curtain cleaning and it made a huge difference! My female employees were struggling with lifting wet, heavy curtains out of the tank, but the lift made this process of lifting and draining very easy.

Kleena’s custom SM-200 with Blind Inspection Rack and Flip Out Work Table for Curtains.
Kleena’s custom SM-200 with Blind Inspection Rack and Flip Out Work Table for Curtains.

A Better Drying Process

As both his curtain cleaning and content cleaning businesses continued to grow, Mick knew he needed a better drying process. “While some curtains can air dry, other types need to be dried quickly or else browning starts to appear. Electronics also must be dried quickly and at higher temperatures. I had seen the Morantz Drye Rite cabinet, loved it, but needed something much bigger to accommodate all I had to dry on a daily basis. I had Lisa (Morantz) build me what is now the Drye Rite XL. It’s a full, room size dryer complete with Infrared Heat and Ozone for deodorization. We have both our contents and our curtains on rolling racks and roll them in and out. It’s incredible and has increased my productivity tremendously!

Click here to see a video of Mick’s Drye Rite XL.
Click here to see a video of Mick’s Drye Rite XL.

Hospitals Took Notice

In 2010, Mick started seeing a significant increase in work from local hospitals. When he presented the data from Morantz’s independent testing (testing confirmed that ultrasonics not only sanitizes, but disinfects), hospitals really took notice. Mick tells us, “MRSA and C-Diff are big issues for hospitals. Morantz’s testing set a new standard that no other method of cleaning could touch. Now I had the capability of offering services well beyond privacy curtain cleaning. With my equipment, I clean wheelchairs, slings, trolleys, trolley covers, bed-side tables, microfibers, patient restraints… Some of the items they give me, I don’t even know what they’re for! The work orders keep growing and I keep bringing on new hospitals.

Mick demonstrates the cleaning capabilities of Morantz Ultrasonics at a hospital with the portable Z-56 “Bubba”
Mick demonstrates the cleaning capabilities of Morantz Ultrasonics at a hospital with the portable Z-56 “Bubba”

Expanding… Again!

Business was growing so fast that Mick needed to expand yet again. After moving to a larger and newer building, he spoke to Lisa Morantz about adapting one of Morantz’s newer models, the SM-200-XL which had primarily been used for industrial parts cleaning, to suit his needs. “We put our heads together and came up with unique features which makes the new SM-200-XL a hybrid machine with all the best features Morantz has to offer,” said Mick. “I now use this model for everything I do and couldn’t be more pleased. It’s been terrific for all the new curtain cleaning and lamp shade work I am getting from hotels.”

Kleena’s SM-200-XL machine cleaning slings and blinds.
Kleena’s SM-200-XL machine cleaning slings and blinds.

Growing by 200%

By 2014, since meeting Morantz, Mick has increased his business by 200%. His processes with the Morantz machines can now be duplicated around the country, and that’s just what he intends to do. Mick has just completed a new deal to bring Morantz Ultrasonic equipment, and his know-how, to a major Australian cleaning franchise.

Congratulations to Mick and the entire team at Kleena. Best wishes for your continued success.

Mick Bantoft gives his Morantz equipment a “thumbs up.”
Mick Bantoft gives his Morantz equipment a     “thumbs up.”


Morantz Renews Its Approved Vendor Status with DKI for 2014

DKI-Bronze-Sponsor-Badge-2014_x200Morantz Ultrasonics is proud to announce that we have again renewed our Approved Vendor Status with DKI for 2014.  DKI members will continue to enjoy discounted pricing from Morantz on all equipment and supplies. “We have a terrific relationship with DKI and look forward to a stellar 2014,” said Lisa Morantz, President of Morantz Ultrasonics. “DKI is a great partner and it’s a pleasure to continue offering their franchises the best pricing and service.”

For information on the best pricing, or if you have any questions, please call us at 215.969.0266, or submit the form to the right.

Come Visit Us at ISSA Interclean in Las Vegas!

ISSA BoothFrom November 19 -21, we’ll be exhibiting at the ISSA Interclean North America show in Las Vegas, Nevada (Booth: 3805).

We’re really excited to be back in Vegas for this year’s show where we will be demonstrating the ultrasonic machine that started it all, “The Baby.”

If you would like to visit us in the exhibit hall, please contact Lisa Morantz at (215) 969-0266 (or send me a message using the form on the right).

Looking forward to seeing you there.


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6 Easy Ways to Get More Customers

No matter how successful your business is the one thing that it will always need are more customers. After all, serving your customers is why you’re in business, but could you and your sales team use a little help?

Below are six easy and low cost ways for you to get yourself in front of more people so that you can demonstrate your services. While some of these tactics may be focused on specific applications, feel free to change them to suit your needs.

  1. Idea: Host an Open House for Insurance Agents and Adjusters.
    Contents Cleaning and Fire Restoration.
    Objectives: Build relationships with Agents and Adjusters. Introduce and educate them about the benefits of Ultrasonic Cleaning.
    Tips: Show them how fast and effective your Ultrasonic Cleaning System and services are, and how your service will save them money. Offer to clean their personal items, like golf clubs, to show them how effective your equipment is, plus provide a memorable service!
  2. Idea: Partner with Interior Decorators and Window Blind Sellers.
    Application: Window Blind Cleaning.
    Objectives: Create mutually beneficial partnerships. Expand your sales reach.
    Tips: Offer these partners a Referral Fee or wholesale price for each blind cleaned. Not only will they make extra money, this will build good will with their customers by not “forcing” a new blind sale when all that is needed is a good cleaning. In fact, you should suggest that the designer or seller offer their customers a “Maintenance Plan.” Once these customers know there is an easy and affordable maintenance plan, they are more apt to purchase those more expensive “designer” type blinds. This will also give them an opportunity to periodically visit their customers where they could then sell new blinds for other areas in their home or business.
  3. Idea: Clean Sports Equipment for Local Teams & Toys for Daycares.
    Applications: Contents Restoration, Janitorial Cleaning and Medical Cleaning for Infection Control.
    Objective: Diversify your services and customer base.
    Tips: Your local sports teams, whether they’re professional, collegiate or league-based, are more concerned than ever about the health issues resulting from unclean equipment. Offer to do a free cleaning of a few items to demonstrate the effectiveness of Ultrasonic Cleaning for Infection Control (this could even include your local school’s gym equipment or toys in a nearby day care). Morantz provides our clients with results from independent laboratory tests for you to share with your customers during the sales process. And be sure to bring your ATP testing kit to quantify and support your results.
  4. Idea: Clean Your Doctor’s Offices (Including Pediatricians and Dentists) & Senior Citizen Facilities.
    Medical Cleaning & Infection Control.
    Objective: Diversify your customer base.
    Tips: Medical cleaning isn’t limited to large hospitals. Because of their small size, your local practitioners and senior centers often have problems maintaining sterile environments in their facilities. It’s not just the medical equipment; it’s the window blinds in the waiting and examination rooms, the computer keyboards at the nurse’s stations, the individual wheel chairs and even the toys in the pediatrician’s office. Morantz provides our clients with results from independent laboratory tests for you to share with your customers during the sales process. And don’t forget your ATP testing kit to quantify and support your results.
  5. Idea: Partner with Your Local Computer Services Companies.
    Applications: Electronics Cleaning.
    Objectives: Create mutually beneficial partnerships. Expand your sales reach.
    Tips: Computer Services companies provide maintenance and technical support for businesses both large and small. Aside from installing software and hardware, Ultrasonic Cleaning gives them a new, “Value-Added” service to sell. Show them the benefits of cleaning their customer’s computers and tools with Ultrasonics. Ultrasonic Cleaning keeps computers running smoothly, prevents them from overheating and starting fires, avoids the loss of valuable data, stops employees from getting sick through sharing infected tools and equipment (which also improves productivity) and more.
  6. Idea: Sponsor Industry Events.
    Applications: All.
    Objectives: Diversify your customer base. Create mutually beneficial partnerships. Expand your sales reach.
    Tips: Local business organizations are constantly looking for companies to sponsor events. They also like to showcase something that can attract attendees. In exchange for a nominal fee (or maybe just free food), you can bring your machine to their event and do a demonstration. And remember, the networking at these events can lead to more business.

All of these ideas help to achieve the following:

  • They put you in front of new customers. Even if they aren’t ready to use your services at the moment, they now know who you are and what you can do for them.
  • They get you in the door and help you to upsell additional services.
  • They help your customers make more money by expanding their services.
  • This will expand your credibility and enhance your professional reputation.

These ideas are just a small sample of the many ways you can get more clients simply by being creative. Morantz can provide you with more, proven ideas.

What creative things do you and your sales teams do to get more customers? Please share in the comments below. We’d love to hear about them.

Get a Professional In-Line Content Cleaning System for Under $25,000

For a limited time, Morantz Ultrasonics brings the cost of a professional, in-line Content Cleaning system down to under $25,000!


As a manufacturer of premium Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment, Morantz is proud to offer (for a limited time only) our newest in-line Content Cleaning System, the Z-97 Super System, for under $25,000! Imagine being able to install a Pre-Wash Station, Ultrasonic Wash Station and Rinse Station in your facility for a fraction of the cost of traditional in-line systems. The Z-97 Super System requires very little space, works off of standard 110v power and is entirely portable! For those content jobs that need to be done on-site, just pack up the Z-97 Super System and go clean!

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Bart Zeaman, Robby Zeaman & Jeff Zeaman, Nu Look Cleaning Services


“When my sons joined my 30 year old janitorial company 4 years ago, I decided it was time to expand our services. I had a magazine advertisement sitting in my drawer for Morantz Ultrasonics from nearly 10 Years ago. I called Morantz, made an appointment for a demonstration and ultimately bought the 3-in-1 System.”

“I am so glad I bought from Morantz. It turns out that what I thought would be a small add-on for window blind cleaning has become a much larger part of our business. Since then, we attended a Morantz Firesonics Seminar and have added Fire Restoration to our services which has also proven to be extremely profitable and steady work. We are thrilled with our machines and the support Morantz has given us.”


Bart Zeaman
President, Nu Look Cleaning Services